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Summer has come and gone but did you know that there are more plastic bottle caps and beer caps on our beaches than in our landfills? Be beach smart and join the campaign to keep our beaches clean this summer! The local hotels are GREAT at keeping the larger items off the coast, but what they can't see will inevitably affect the wildlife inhabitants of our local ocean community. Take a personal pledge to keep our beaches clean all YEAR long! Be the difference you want to see in this world. 


What's happening around town?!?

Spring is HERE! Between post Spring break beach cleanups, sea turtle nesting season prep and helping other local marine organizations, we have a LOT going on!

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What a GREAT summer! 2016 Summer STEM classes were a blast and we look forward to many more opportunities to spread the word and inspire our local youth!

Ocean Ambassadors

On June 11, 2016 Project.Bleu filmed a video that focuses on the importance of educating children on ocean conservation. The video will be displayed during the Kinder Energy speech at the June 13th United Nations meeting on Ocean Conservation...